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Cedar and Larch Class 2023 

As well as looking after the birds, year 3 have been learning to identify birds and to learn about bird behaviour through games such as ‘Rob the Nest’.  The children absolutely loved building nests and being tweeting birds running to collect pine cones ‘eggs’ one at a time to put in their nests while the naughty crows attempted to steal them back again!  They have been perfecting their fire striking and fire building and lighting skills and have enjoyed toasting chocolate chip brioche and making s’mores.  Having become more confident with tools and how to use them safely, the children have made wood cookie pendants, stick men, elder creations such as necklaces, bracelets and caterpillars and very often came up with their own creative ideas.  During our final session as well as enjoying camp fire treats the children learned about the Japanese art of Hapa zome – literally meaning “leaf dye”, a printmaking technique that uses the natural pigments in leaves and flowers.  They loved the instant colour the plants and flowers made when they bashed the colour out onto material using a mallet.

Ash and Apple Class 2023 

Ash and Apple Class have been busy learning about Spring.  We have been following the lifecycle of various trees and creatures, noticing changes through the seasons – from daffodils, to bluebells, cherry trees blossoming and producing fruit, bees emerging and the first sightings of butterflies. We used new Spring bendy tree stems to make bubble wands and have been perfecting palm drilling skills making wood cookie pendants and drilling elder pieces to make caterpillars.  Many of the children have been brilliant at helping with woodland management – laying bark chippings in high footfall areas and creating special pathways.  During their final Summer session, as well as making beautiful pinecone bees, the children enjoyed stick gathering, building a fire, toasting marshmallows for delicious s’mores.   

Cedar and Larch Class 2022-23 

Year 3 have thoroughly embraced their forest school sessions through sun, wind, rain and even snow!  They have been bursting with their own ideas and have been really keen to learn.  Learning how to put up hammocks, tie bows and knots and build creative dens with tarps and ropes have been favourite activities.  Using Autumn treasures for crafts such as teasel hedgehogs and palm drilling acorns and conkers to make funny creatures were popular.  Year 3 have also been looking after the birds and encouraging our friendly Robin to visit to eat at their seed and lard bird feeders. The children enjoyed building a fire and lighting it – even in the snow – whittling sticks to cook crumpets.  We needed to use our tool skills to saw wood to dry out ready for our next fire, as the damp weather and damp wood made our winter fires difficult to light.  The children have enjoyed learning about plants and animals through games and activities such as Sleeping Fawns, Forgetful Squirrels, Deer ears and they can name quite a few trees from our forest school even without the leaves!

Ash and Apple Class 2022-23 

Ash and Apple class have had a wonderful time at Forest Explorers.  They have been learning our Forest School rules, which help us look after ourselves, each other and the forest.  They have been exploring, taking part in nature hunts, learning about the plants and animals in the forest and using natural resources for crafts and tool work.  They enjoyed pretending to be squirrels and burying their acorns, rolling them down guttering and using palm drills to make acorn and conker necklaces.  They made beautiful Autumn leaf crowns, did leaf threading, learned about fawns and hedgehogs through games and crafts.  After mastering the ‘Don’t walk through the fire circle’ rule we were able to build a fire together and light it and cook yummy crumpets!  We have enjoyed bird watching and identifying some birds and making sure the birds have been well fed during winter by making them pine cone bird feeders.   

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