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Physical Education

Why PE is important

We want Pembury children to understand the importance of living a healthy and active lifestyle. Nurturing an enjoyment of sport and exercise is vital at this age, so that children establish healthy lifestyles to take into adulthood. It is important that our children experience a wide range of activities so that they encounter enjoyable and rewarding pursuits.

Physical Education helps children to develop their ability to communicate effectively within a team, negotiate, work towards a common goal, resolve differences and support the learning of others, whilst encouraging children to be the best they can. Ultimately children will learn to experience both success and failure gracefully.


At Pembury our aims are to develop physical and cognitive competence and confidence in all children to:

Know about factors which influence and effect performance.

Know how to improve their own performance and that of others by engaging in the continual process of reflection, selection, refinement, adapting and evaluation.

Practise and consolidate movement concepts and motor skills in dance, games and gymnastics. In KS2 pupils will also experience athletics, outdoor and adventurous activities and swimming in addition to the core programme.


Teachers are competent and confident to teach all skills to enable children to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically demanding activities. PE will be taught twice weekly in every year group.

Links are made through PSHE to promote team working and respect for others. OAA develops children’s learning through map reading, linking to Geography. Through Dance, the children learn about different cultures and countries and the history behind the dances.

In Literacy the children use poetry to express emotions and movement through dance. Science skills are also developed through the children becoming aware of their bodies and the importance of having a healthy diet and the benefits of physical fitness on the body.

Teachers will plan effectively to engage children in all physical activities through team building tasks, competitive games, creative dance, using gymnastics to help to strengthen their bodies and entering inter-school challenges in a variety of sports.

Children will take ownership of their learning by developing skills to use their body efficiently and effectively and understand how their body moves in a way which supports health and fitness for life. They will need to work collaboratively as individuals, pairs and members of a group in solving problems, and develop understanding and show appreciation of fairness and respect.


Children will:

  • Learn new skills and apply them in competitions and performances at the end of each unit.
  • Take part in sports competitions within the school and local community.
  • Work collaboratively as individuals, pairs and members of a group in solving problems.
  • Respond to feedback and engage in peer-coaching to improve performance.
  • Be inspired about jobs relating to sport
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