Respect is at the heart of our school.


At Pembury School we take an integrated approach to teaching English, following the requirements of the National Curriculum. Reading, writing and speaking & listening are taught through focused activities based on engaging, high quality texts. Throughout their time at Pembury School, children will experience a wide variety of texts and learn to write in all genres, leaving primary school with a love of reading and writing. 



At Pembury, children learn to read in English sessions and to apply and develop these skills across the curriculum. In whole class discussions and in small guided groups, children learn to discuss and develop their understanding of fiction and non-fiction texts. Classroom book corners are well resourced with engaging, up to date texts. We also have a very well-equipped, inviting library which is open to children during lunch breaks and for classes to visit regularly. 

Speaking and Listening

Communicating effectively is a vital part of children’s learning. They are taught and develop speaking and listening skills in various contexts across the curriculum, such as collaborating with talk partners, asking and answering questions and presenting ideas to larger groups.


Reading is taught at Pembury School using the Read Write Inc programme. From Reception, children are taught the sounds in English, the letters that represent them, and how to form the letters when writing. The Read Write Inc approach includes reading books written using only the letters and sounds they have learnt at each level (and a small number of separately taught ‘tricky words’). The programme continues through Key Stage One, where children attend a daily session in smaller groups tailored to their individual learning stages. The children read a variety of texts from the sets of brightly illustrated books that accompany the programme. Each session includes comprehension skills, spelling and sentence dictations (‘holding a sentence’) in order to support their reading and writing. 

Celebrating Writing in school.

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